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Business Intelligence for Unified Communications

At Tiger Communications, we believe that managing communications channels should be simple. As an international market leader, we have nearly 40 years' experience of specialising in analytics, telephone fraud, billing and Unified Communications (UC) adoption.

That's why we created Tiger Prism, a comprehensive reporting and analytics tool, used to measure and monitor the cost, performance and adoption of UC deployment. Prism is vendor agnostic, meaning there's only need for one server, and it's global deployment ready too, supporting multiple time-zones, currencies and languages.

We deliver business intelligence, call management information, and collaboration analytics to corporates, public sector organisations and SME's.

You can also be confident that your customer data is secure and protected, as Tiger have full ISO27001 certification.

Tiger Managed Services (SaaS)

Tiger offer fully managed service options, both for on-premise and cloud-hosted environments

The advantage is being able to budget for a fixed monthly service fee, giving you full visibility of lifetime costs and ensuring that important business data is accurate and provided through dashboards, reports and easy to use analytics.

Our Managed Services options can also provide invaluable insight on your current or legacy systems during migration. Having key data, both customers and network partners can make informed decisions, and find best solutions when working on a network design.

Delivering Real Business Benefits
Powerful features give you for the first time visibility of your Unified Communictations


Adoption of Collaboration Services


People's Productivity


Communications Expense and Call Billing


Telephone Fraud and Security Breaches


SIP Trunking Capacity


Decisions using Call Analytics


Ideal Users
With various user access permissions, a business can implement just one system - so differing personnel can have access, but only to the call logging data that’s relevant to their position

Company Executives

Financial Manager / Budget Holders


Department / Site managers

Service Providers

Network & Telecom managers

Engineers leading projects or managing UC networks

Industrial security & compliance

End Users


Our Partners

Tiger team up with leading industry partners so our products operate seamlessly across all platforms

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