Business Intelligence for Unified Communications

Tiger Communications is an international market leader specialising in analytics, telefraud and billing.

We have nearly 40 years’ experience in delivering business intelligence and call management information to global corporates, public sector organisations and SME’s. 

At Tiger, we believe that managing your communications should be simple. That’s why we created Tiger Prism, a comprehensive reporting and analytics tool used to measure and monitor the cost, performance and adoption of your Unified Communications (UC) deployment.


Querying and mining of acquired data to drive business decisions. More...


Live snapshot of KPI data visualised in charts and graphs. More...

User Adoption

Monitor the usage of chat, speech, video and conferencing. More...


Organisational view of data with synchronisation to directory sources. More...

Charge - Billing & Invoicing

Bill reconciliation and cost allocation. More...


Full range of ready-to-use reporting tools and services. More...

Cross Platform Reports

Centralised solution processing data from multiple vendors. More...

Security & Fraud detection

Alert for detected fraud, hacking and mis-use. More...

Global deployment ready

Time Zoning
Prism encompasses coordinated Universal Time (UTC) when linking calls within a global network. This ensures true start times and durations of linked calls within the relevant reports.

Prism supports local specific currency costing of calls, together with a system wide base currency for global site reporting. The currency conversion matrix can be maintained manually or be linked to an online currency service provider.

The system fully supports multiple languages through all user interfaces and reports, offering seamless interaction for users.